Sunday, February 19, 2012

Agility Tryouts

Think back to when you were first getting information about participating in dog agility.  You may have seen one of the trials at Palmetto Islands County Park or maybe stumbled upon our website.  You were intrigued, excited, and ready to start so you could hurry up and make it to nationals!  That may have been years ago or just a few months ago.  Still, agility has made an impression upon you an your dogs.  Sure it has been frustrating and not to mention EXPENSIVE at times, but you have made great friends and grown close with your dog.  Now it is time to share that joy with your family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. 

On Tuesday March 6th at 7pm we will be having Agility Tryouts at the LCDA training field.  Anyone is free to come, no agility experience needed.  A group of instructors will be testing dogs to determine what class would be best suited for them.  PLEASE spread the word about this great event to everyone you can!  It was an awesome success in the fall resulting in TWO, count them TWO, full introduction to agility classes.  Many of the participants from these classes are now members of our club. 

If you know someone who is interested in coming please have them email LeAnne Meyer at

Happy Training!
Lindsay Shuler
Rascal and Abby

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