Saturday, March 31, 2012

Agility Outtakes

We asked for it and you responded. Here are some of our club member's most memorable agility experiences.

Muggle LOVES the dogwalk.  So, in our second agility trial I knew we were in trouble the minute I saw the gamblers course with a U-shaped tunnel at the end of the dogwalk.  Muggle had a plan of his own and did the dogwalk repeatedly until the judge blew the whistle several times and accused us of training in the ring.  When he finally abandoned the dogwalk we walked off the field to applause and cheers.
-Lynne Hinkey And Muggle

During a handling class with Mike Adams I couldn’t get my dog Parker to complete an exercise.  He kept running away from me in the middle of the exercise to sniff and explore the outside of the field.  When Mike started to demonstrate the correct body language Parker zipped back on the field and followed Mike.  This answers the question…Is it the dog or the handler?
-Diane Rutledge and Parker

Little Bit peed on the judge’s shoes at her first trial at Palmetto Island County Park.
-Kit Simpson and Little Bit

Jefferson was smoking the course at his first away trial, but then he decided to take a potty break and poop on the field.  Then on another course I set him up wrong for a weave pole entry I said “Oh crap!” to myself and got eliminated for my language.  So we got eliminated for “crapping” and saying “crap”!
-Erin Queen and Jefferson

We were trialing in Asheville at a horse arena.  There were birds nesting in the rafters.  One of the mamas starting pushing the babies from the nest and they were not ready to fly.  Throughout the day babies would fall to their death.  Surfer was in a start line stay and I heard a thump.  I looked at the judge and told him there was a dead bird at jump #8.  He had to clean up the baby so that we could run the course.  Surfer never broke his stay.
-Wanda Usher and Surfer

At one trial Splash sat in the lap of EVERY ring crew person and then went over and begged the judge to pet him.
-Wanda Usher and Splash

Hunley has gotten stuck on the start line several times. He has a really good stay (like 10-15 minutes). In one snooker course, I left him and walked all the way across the ring and called to no avail. So I had to walk all the way back. He also has gotten stuck at the top of the A-frame and looks at me like he has no idea that I'm begging him to come down.
-Anne Cook and Hunley

Madison and I were walking out onto the field during our first trial, I was nervous and sweaty and it was time for us to go. I had walked the course, and I felt pretty good...and then Madison ran off the field as fast as possible without even taking a single jump!   We've since learned we need to hide her "dad" from her.  We made a comeback later in the day with a Q in Snooker!
-Lisa Nurminen and Madison

At a seminar Maggie ran a beautiful run.  Everyone was watching and then she decided to run by the fence and poop.  She also stopped and peed while we were doing the weave poles!  Gotta love my little girl!!  By the way we do walk and go potty before we run - I think she is just over flowing with excitement.
-Sheila Ross and Maggie

Rascal’s first trial I was a nervous wreck because he has never had a lot of attention span with agility.  Our first run he took off and just ran laps around the ring.  I just walked off in tears.  We had a few more runs that weekend and managed to get a couple of jumps in.  Abby’s first trial seemed like a piece of cake after that experience!
-Lindsay and Rascal

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  1. These are great! Not that I'm enjoying everyone's suffering and embarassment, but it's comforting to know others have had those moments!