Sunday, May 13, 2012

Online Resources

This week's blog post has a list of online dog agility resources that you're probably familiar with (USDAA and Clean Run) as well as a list of some of the agility blogs I follow. You might be interested in popping in on these sites, too. Please leave URLs for other sites that you find helpful in the comments section!


USDAA: United States Dog Agility Association
The USDAA website has information about upcoming events, rules and regulations, an online shop, and competitor services.

Clean Run
The Clean Run magazine website has a store where you can buy agility items for you and your dog, the magazine forum with discussions, videos, and articles, a course designer tool, and a list of competitions.


Affordable Agility
Online source for agility equipment.

Camp Bandy Pet Resort
Good directions for build-it-yourself agility equipment.
Great online shop for treats, toys, collars/leashes, etc. Most items at a fraction of the cost of pet stores.

Tugs of Fun
Lindsay's website for those awesome, mostly indestructible tugs!


Aside from our club's own agility blog that you're reading now, I also follow these blogs:

Agility Nerd
AgilityNerd is written by Steve Schwarz. Living and training in Chicago, I've found that there are unique challenges for performance dog trainers and handlers living in a big city.
(***This has a recent post about rubberized contacts you all might be interested in reading!)

Awesome Agility Adventures
By our own Erin Queen: The adventures and misadventures of a two year old Cocker Spaniel and "green" handler as they make their way in the growing sport of dog agility. Enjoy their "trials" and tribulations as dog agility newbies

Bentley and Lexi
Modestly described as "The story of two agility dogs and their very novice handler(s)" by our very own Ashley Wooten (even if they left, they're still "ours").

Bud Houston's Blog
"Dog Agility Training and Occasional Crazy Rambling." 

"Everything about running contacts for dog agility competitors."

Susan Garrett's Dog Agility Blog
Susan is a dog trainer that specializes in a co-operative approach to dog training.

The 2-Minute Dog Trainer Blog
Training blog written by Marsha Houston.


  1. Can't believe I'm on the same list as some of those other trainers! :)

    Great links, sometimes I forget about these. Thanks for posting!

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