Friday, July 13, 2012

Back To School!

Ready to start your dog's training?

Doggie Back to School Night!

Low Country Dog Agility club will be holding its third doggie back to school night on Tuesday August 21st at 7pm. This night gives prospective students a chance to see whether or not they are interested in the fun doggie sport of dog agility.

Working, playing and exercising with your dog is fun and good for both of you. However, what are the best options for the fall? Low Country Dog Agility (LCDA) club will provide a free agility try-out and activity preference testing to assist you in selecting the right sport and/or class for you and your furry friend. We will have trained instructors introduce you and your dog to six types of activities, including targeting, tunnels, and restrained recall. This will give you a taste of several activities that you can do for fun and exercise with your dog. We will have a list of classes offered by LCDA and provide information on other dog classes/sports available in the greater Charleston community. There are classes suited for big dogs, little dogs, couch potatoes and the wild-and-hairy ones. They all love doing structured activities with their people, and it is much more fun for both of you than just taking a walk or throwing a ball.

It is not mandatory that you participate in this event in order to sign up for the Introduction to Agility class, but this will give you an idea of whether or not you and your dog are interested in this fun sport.

Doggie back to school night will be held at our West Ashley Training Field.
Bring your furry friend's favorite treats and a fun toy!
For more information, directions to our field, and to sign your dog up, please visit:

See you there!!

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