Wednesday, March 4, 2015


February was a busy month at LCDA with back-to-back trials: The Intro Trial on the 22nd and our 3-day trial (including Team events on Friday) on the 27th, 28th, and March 1st.

Thanks to our FABULOUS judges, Rebecca Schnulle for the Intro Trial and Evelyn Roberts for the 3-day event.

We had LOADS of titles earned at the 3-day trial, but no club photos for the weekend since the Pupparazzi was celebrating his birthday! Below this list of titles are some photos from the Intro Trial.

Margaret Mills and Knox: Starters Performance Jumpers
Pat Sells (via Steve Routh) and Pan: Starters Performance Jumpers
Lisa Nurminen and Madison: Starters Gamblers
Vanessa Routh and Bogey: Starters Performance Gamblers
Anna Blanton and Hype: Starters Standard AND Agility Dog
Ken Walker and Mattie: Starters Jumpers AND Starters Gamblers
Wanda Usher and Sailor: Starters Jumpers, Starters Snooker, AND Starters Gamblers
Caroline Hunt and Magnus: Advanced Relay
Rudy Kruek and Orso: Advanced Performance Standard
Cindy Floyd and Thor: Advanced Gambler
Linda Freed and Ferrari: Advanced Gambler
Vanessa Routh and Bogey: Advanced Performance Snooker
Julie Neer and Panda: Advanced Performance Jumper
Elaine Hawes and Fergus: Advanced Standard AND Advanced Agility Dog
Ann Ferrell and Dot: Advanced Standard AND Advanced Agility Dog
Alexis Chapman and Zumba: Advanced Standard AND Advanced Agility Dog
Merritt Speagle and Jeopardy: Advanced Standard AND Advanced Agility Dog
Christine Vinciguerra and Rusty:  Performance Jumper Master
Randy Hunter and Cutter: Relay Master
Fred Parker and Spring: Jumper Master
Janet Thibault and Badger: Master Performance Gambler
Ruth Correia and Cheer: Jumper Master
Erin Queen and Jefferson: Jumper Champion AND Tournament Champion - Bronze
Rebecca Schnulle and Koby: Master Jumper, Relay Champion, Standard Champion, AND Agility Dog Champion
Ann Ferrell and Sophie: Master Performance Standard, Performance Jumper Champion, Performance Snooker Champion, AND Performance Agility Dog Champion

CONGRATULATIONS to you all, and we hope to see you back at the next trial:  April 11-12, 2015.  Test schedule available on our website and at

Here are a few of the pics from the Intro Trial. A great time was definitely had by all! You can see all of the pics at the club's FLICKR site HERE.  As always, a big thank you to Matt Drobnik for all the great pictures.

Judge's Briefing

Janet and Twisp


Kim and Level
Cindy and Tripp

Sue and Brodie


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