Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We all know that dog training DVDs can be pretty expensive. We have a great selection of books and DVDs in the LCDA library, but occasionally I cannot find the book/DVD that I am looking for. While looking for a better price for a tricks training video that I wanted, I found this website:

Bow Wow Flix has an inventory of thousands of DVDs about dog obedience, agility, tricks training, breeding, grooming, etc. You pay a monthly fee of $10.95 and you can rent an unlimited number of DVDs per month. As soon as you are done with one DVD, you ship it back (shipping is free both ways) and get your next DVD in the mail, similar to Netflix. You can cancel your subscription any time you want. So instead of having to pay $60 for the tricks training DVD I wanted, I am now only paying $10.95. I browsed through the agility DVDs and they had a great selection including videos by most of the lead trainers we're all familiar with like Susan Garrett, Linda Mecklenburg, Susan Salo, and Rachel Sanders.


Christine and Rusty

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