Thursday, November 1, 2012

Team Competition

Yes, I know - you've heard enough about if you and your dog are a team.  But wait!  This blog is actually about the team event at agility trials.  Rumor has it we will be offering team in a spring trial.  So, you should know a little something about it before you compete in it.

USDAA Dog Agility Masters (DAM) Team/ Performance Versatility Team (PVP)

-Open to any level dog/handler.
-Championship Teams have 3 dogs/3 handlers; Performance Teams have 2 dogs/2 handlers.
-Championship Teams can have only 2 different heights; Performance can be any heights.
-You can enter with a team, or if you don’t have anyone to enter with you can enter as a draw and you will be put with a team.
-You get to pick the name for your team!
-Each dog/handler competes in each of the 5 classes (Standard, Gamblers, Jumpers, Snooker, Relay)
-Courses are Masters level with a few differences - no table in Standard, may be different rules for Gamblers, Snooker may be modified, Jumpers has weaves & long jump.  Judges can get more creative.
-Each person is scored individually and scores are added together for the team; Each class is given a specific number of points.
-Classes are scored under Masters Rules, Time + Faults, ie faults such as dropping a bar/missed contact/refusals are added to your time.  3 refusals, taking an off course, or skipping an obstacle give you an E for that class.
-You don’t qualify/place in individual classes (your individual runs don’t count for titles); Teams qualify by earning over 850 points total in Championship (566 for Performance) or within 25% of the average of the points of the top 3 teams overall.
-Team Qs are needed for your ADCH, Tournament Master title, or to qualify for Nationals (2013 USDAA Nationals are in October in Murfreesboro, TN - you need 1 team Q to enter team at nationals).

There you have it.  Are you excited for team now?  Happy Trialing!

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