Monday, November 11, 2013

The Name Game, Round 1: The Stories Behind Our Best Friends' Names

We all have a story behind how we came up with our dogs' names. Sometimes they came with them, other times we picked them because they fit, and sometimes we have a theme. Here are the stories behind some of our LCDA dogs' names.
How did your dog get his or her name? Send your story and a photo to LCDA and we'll post it here!

Rusty and Sonny Vinciguerra


Rusty because he has brown hair with some orange highlights on his ears like the color of rust.
Sonny because we just thought it was a cute name for a cute puppy :)


Domino Tetanich

Domino came from an actual working cattle farm. The farmer had only let a few of his puppies be adopted over the years, so we were very lucky to have the opportunity to adopt one. The farmer is now deceased and someone else has bought the farm. Anyway, when we got the black little fur-ball at 9 weeks, we had no idea of the fun this guy would bring into our lives! The puppy was as round as he was tall, and would literally fall head over heels when he ran - like a tossed ball or a pair if dice.  We wanted a name to reflect his black and white coloring, but my daughter Amanda, didn't like the "bland" names we were tossing around, like Ace, Blackie, etc, and she came up with Domino. Seven and half years later, Domino, is still going strong and has yet to lay still and quiet, nothing like I've always imagined a game of dominos to be.



Jefferson Queen

Jefferson is named after Thomas Jefferson, one of my favorite presidents and writer of the Declaration of Independence.  (Plus, my cat is named Madison after James Madison, Father of the Constitution so I had to keep the theme going!)



Mojo Thomas

My Boykin Spaniel came with his name MOJO - I was going to change it but then I realized she had so much good MOJO that I decided to keep it! 


Cindy with Iris and thor

Iris and Thor Floyd

When I got Thor, I tried to think of a name that would go with my dog Iris's name. Iris is the rainbow goddess as well as being a flower. The day that we got her, we drove all the way home in the rain. I thought I could name her for a rain deity, but they were all male and I did not like any of them. When we got Thor, I could not think of a masculine sounding flower, so I started to think of the names of gods. I was stumped for a while. Then I mentioned that I was looking for the name of a god to continue the theme, and an agility friend, said, "you mean like Thor?" I said that is exactly what I mean. Shortly after that, his movie came out. 




Lupin and Muggle
Muggle and Lupin Hinkey-Drobnik

Matt and I are huge Harry Potter fans and we already had a cat named after one of the characters, Prof. Minerva McGonagal. When I saw the picture of Muggle (named that by Palmetto Paws Animal Rescue who'd saved him from a kill shelter in the upstate) I knew he was meant to be ours. When we started looking for a third pet after our older cat, Spooky, died, I'd already picked the names Neville Longbottom (for a boy) or Luna Lovegood (for a girl), but then we saw the picture of the little Aussie-terrier pup on Carolina Hearts Rescue's website. Matt said, "He looks like a little werewolf" and so we named him after Prof. Remus Lupin.












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