Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Name Game: Round 2

Last week, we shared some great stories about how some of our LCDA pups got their names. We continue this week with another round of the stories behind our dogs' names. If you'd like to have your dog's story included, send us an email or message through the LCDA website.

Here we go with Round 2 of the Name Game!

Smoke's Prelude to the Dream and Deb
Smoke Bennett

Smoke's Prelude to the Dream came from my favorite Nascar driver Tony Stewart whose nickname is Smoke.  Prelude to the Dream is a charity race that Tony puts on each year donating a million dollars to different charities.  Even though Smoke is a "pound puppy" (Spartanburg Humane Society), he is such a special guy I thought he deserved an impressive name. He has also turned out to be very much like his namesake. Fast and funny with a heart of gold!!! 


Parker Rutledge

Puppy Parker
In May 2011, I went with my son and niece to Camden, SC to pick up my 7-week-old black lab puppy. On the way I told my copilots I was naming the pup Ned. They both said that was a horrible name! So I started thinking...the puppy's father's call name was Ruger--named after a hunting rifle brand. My son, brother, sister, and I had all killed out first deer at 8- to 10-years of age with a shotgun that was given to my Grandfather by his officers when he retired as Chief of Police of Charleston. My grandfather called the shotgun Annabelle. Well, I couldn't call my boy pup Annabelle--but it was a Parker brand shotgun. So I said "How about Parker?"  Puppy Parker came home with us.


Genie and Spring Evans
Genie In A Bottle
Genie In A Bottle, 'aka' Genie
Twelve years ago, an LCDA member, Elaine Maglaicane, went with me to Columbia to pick out one of the 2 puppies I had a choice of. I remember Elaine saying on our way there, "How ugly does this puppy have to be to not come home with you?"

Of course she was beautiful, as are all puppies. When we got there, the puppies were allowed to play together so we could see their temperament.

Genie looked like she was ready to 'Pop out of a Bottle', she was so cute and bubbly. Thus the name stuck: my 'Genie In A Bottle.'
That was 12 years ago, and while she is a Senior Citizen now, we still take part in Pet Therapy, she loves doing her tricks for children and adults, and also loves being a couch potato. We did agility until a few years ago, and achieved her AKC Title in Exc. Standard, and Exc. JWW, and Novice FAST. In USDAA she completed her Perf. 2 Standard, and Performance 2 Jumpers title.

Carolina Spring, 'aka' Spring

It took a long time to decide on a name. I then thought since she was a Carolina Girl now, and born in the spring (April 1) why shouldn't her name be Carolina Spring, aka  Spring

We show in conformation, and she is a great Therapy Dog; she loves everybody, and they all love her and her tricks. She is my Happy Girl
Carolina Spring
Of course most of you know that Spring is a North Westerner. She was born in Oregon.

I flew to Oregon a little over 4 years ago to pick up one of 2 puppies. I had been seeing pictures of them from birth until I went to get one, not knowing which one I was getting (the breeder was going to pick what she thought I should have.) A good friend helped me find these puppies, and spoke for me to be able to get one. She knew that I wanted to do Pet Therapy, and some performance work (agility, O.B., whatever). Of course, I have been too busy/lazy. 

Hopefully, we will get back into agility or other performance competition.

Madison Monster Wigglesworth
Madison Monster Wigglesworth-Nurminen
I knew I wanted a female dog, but once we got Madison, I could only think of boy dog names (I still really like the name Jackson!) I actually ended up deciding on her name while watching the movie Juno--there is a scene where the adoptive parents are asked what names they are considering and Madison is one of them. The other character actually makes fun of the name but I knew it was the one! I wrote it down in the movie theatre so I wouldn’t forget it. Her other 2 names (Monster and Wigglesworth) were added so that her AKC registration wouldn’t seem so serious and formal...her nickname is the "little monster" and boy does she like to wiggle! Because of her full name in the AKC's database, I get emails from them with subjects like "Purchase Pet Insurance for Madison Monster Wigglesworth Today!" That makes me laugh.
Panda Neer
Panda was rescued off the streets of Charlotte, NC and placed into Corgi rescue. Her foster mom named her Bonnie, but since one of my bosses up the chain is named Bonnie, that didn’t work for me. We changed her name to Bunny, since we thought it sounded similar and didn’t want to confuse her. Problem with Bunny was it sounded very similar to the name of one of our cats, Brownie, so when we called one, both might respond. We were thinking of yet another name for our little pup when she lay down into one of her now standard poses, with her legs straight in front and behind her and we thought that she looked like a bear skin rug. Hence, Panda was born!

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