Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Titles from Our January 2015 Trial

We had an outstanding weekend for LCDA's January trial--good weather, great competitors and dogs, and an amazing judge, Francisco "Paco" Berjon. Along with all of our usual fun, we had lots of exceptional runs and lots of new titles earned!

The weekend started with smiles and tears of joy as we rolled out our new special jumps honoring those LCDA dogs and handlers who have earned their ADCHs and PDCHs: Courtney and Sandy, Lori and Matilda, Randy with Justice and Circe, Anne and Hunley, and Wanda and Surfer Boy.

Commemorative Jumps for our proud ADCH and PDCH dogs and handlers!
l to r: Courtney/Sandy, Lori/Matilda, Randy/Justice and Circe,
Anne/Hunley, and Wanda/Surfer Boy.

Thank you to everyone who came out and played with their dogs, volunteered your time, and helped to make the weekend a success!  

Special congrats to those earning titles at the trial:

Wanda Usher and Sailor: Starters Standard AND Agility Dog
Mary Evans and Spring: Starters Jumpers, Starters Gamblers, Starters Relay, Starters Standard, AND Agility Dog
Sailor and Spring with all their trial bling!
Vanessa Routh and Bogey: Advanced Performance Jumpers
Diane Rutledge and Parker: Advanced Performance Relay
Karen McCray and Goldie: Advanced Performance Jumpers AND Advanced Performance Relay

Karen with Goldie and Diane with Parker:
What an Advanced Performance Relay Team!
Christine Vinciguerra and Rusty:  Performance Gambler Master
Randy Hunter and Cutter: Gambler Master
Elizabeth Ampleford and Kat: Relay Master
Courtney Holscher and Leila: Jumper Master
Alexis Chapman and Hula: Snooker Master
Alexis Chapman and Zumba: Gambler Master
Ruth Correia and Cheer: Relay Master AND Standard Agility Master

Christine and Rusty, Performance Gambler Masters!

Rebecca Schnulle and Koby: Gamblers Champion
Mimi Fountan and Joker: Gamblers Champion Silver
Lauren Hansen and Darci: Performance Snooker Champion Gold

To see more photos of our dogs and handlers from this and other LCDA trials and events, head over to our FLICKR page or Facebook Lowcountry Dog AgilityPics page.

Hope to see you all back at the next trial:  February 27-March 1, 2015.  Test schedule available on our LCDA website and at

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